Bearing Surface

If a bearing area are worn, damaged or in other ways out of tolerance. We can repair it with our Brush plating Process.   


The far most common repair we carry out is repairs of bearing surfaces that are out of tolerance. The brush plating process is a good method for this kind of repairs because there is no heat going into the part that can cause distortion. Usually, the part can be plated to close to final measurement so that there is no need for machining. But if the part is oval, conical or have deep grooves machining is possible. Because the brush plated layers have molecular bonding to the base material. 

Sealing Surface

If the seals have worn down the sealing area the Brush plating process is an excellent choice to use because it can be performed in situ to minimize down time. 

Corrosion Protection

With just a thin layer of our Nickel we can achieve an excellent corrosion protection. The nickel layer is completely sealed which means that the base material will not get exposed. 

Gold/Silver Plating

Gold and Silver is often plated on parts that needs to be more electrically conductive. One reason to with using our Brush plating process is that it is harder than bath plated parts which result in more wear resistance surfaces. In some cases, the brush plated silver can significantly increase the lifetime of some parts compared to bath plating. 

Copper/Silver Plating of Threads

With a layer of about 20µ copper or silver in the thread the risk of the threads cutting is avoided.