Brush plating is a cold metal coating process to deposit new metal on various metal parts that needs repairing, measurement adjustment or a coating with a metal with other properties than the base metal. 

Common repairs

Some of our most common Plating jobs is, 

  • Repair of worn bearing surface 
  • Silver/Gold plating 
  • Corrosion protection 
  • Sealing surfaces 
  • Piston rods 

On site

We can also carry out repairs in situ to keep downtime low on critical equipment. We work with many industries where portability is a must such as, 

  • Offshore 
  • Marine 
  • Power plants 
  • Conversion press repairs 
  • Ship/Powerplant Engine 
  • Pulp and Paper 
  • Printing 

And many more. 


Brush plating offer a wide variety of benefits in industries such as engineering, oil & gas, power generation, printing, electric motors, marine, logistics, pulp & paper, industrial machinery, and hydraulics. 

Extend Life Of Original Parts

Our brushplating process is approved by many manufacturers in different industries as an approved method to repair various parts.

Reduce Friction

In cases where the friction needs to be lowered the brush plating process is an excellent method because we have lots of different metals to choose from to achieve the desired result.

Corrosion Protection

With our Nickel we can achieve an excellent corrosion protection with layers as thin as 30 µm 

Saves Time & Money

With the brush plating process there is not necessary a need for machining after. Which helps reduce downtime to a minimum.  

Our equipment is portable which means that we can perform the brushplating process on site. That means we can shorten lead time and production stops. 

Certified Quality Management System

We use a certified ISO 9001 QMS to manage our business. We operate responsibly and are committed to delivering and further developing first-class and customer-oriented services. It is important to us that our employees feel well and that our customers trust our professional skills. 


LDC Sales & Consulting AB is the oldest brush plating company in Sweden. Our main market is Scandinavia and Europe, but we also perform jobs, sell brush plating equipment and trainings all over the world.

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