The brush plating process have many use cases for the offshore and marine industries. Some common repairs include. 

  • Damaged crankshafts 
  • Restoration of valve seat after corrosion damages  
  • Damaged Main Bearing Journal 
  • Propeller shafts  



If a Printing press have damages on the cylinders after some piece of metal have gone thru the machine. We can often repair it without needing to disassemble the machine.  

Conversion press repairs

On conversion presses we have repaired. 

  • Damages in the die 
  • Worn down crankshaft. 
  • Worn sealing areas on slides. 

Power station

Same as in the marine industry, the brush plating process have many use cases within hydro, nuclear. One big pro is that often the repair can be carried out in situ to keep downtime low. Some common jobs are.

  • Damaged Sealing areas.
  • Out of tolerance bearing surfaces.
  • Crankshafts
  • Pump shafts
  • Engine block