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Brush plating is a cold metal coating process to put new metal on various metal parts that needs repairing or a coating with a metal with other properties than the base metal.


Common repairs

Some of our most common Plating jobs is, 

  • Repair of worn bearing surface 
  • Silver/Gold plating 
  • Corrosion protection 


In Situ

LDC can also carry out repairs in situ to keep downtime low on critical equipment. We work with many industries including. 

Power plants 
Conversion press repairs 
Ship/Powerplant Engine 
Pulp and Paper 

And many more. 


All repairs we do help to keep the energy consumption lower than if a new machine part had too been made. All negative environmental impact shall be prevented and the company is under continuously progress for constantly evolving for the lowest environmental impact.

LDC Sales & Consulting AB is the oldest brush plating company in Sweden. Our main market is Scandinavia and Europe but we also sell brush plating equipment and perform jobs all over the world.

Opening Hours:                                        Monday – Friday 07:00  – 16:00

Phone: +46 248 174 40


Brändavägen 11, 795 32 Rättvik