Welcome to LDC Brushplating

Brush plating, or selective plating, is a cold metal coating process to put on metal on mis machined, scratched, worn, corroded or in other ways damaged surfaces.

Most asked for platings are repair of seat pockets and bearing journals, measurement adjustments, seal areas, press fits, corroded and worn out surfaces on machine components, local damages, nicks, dents and scratches on cylinders as well as plating on switch gears and busbars for increased conductivity.

LDC is today the oldest brush  plating company in Sweden with an exclusive agency.


These are some common details we can brush plate.

  • presses
  • shafts
  • cylinders
  • pump houses
  • gear boxes
  • engine blocks
  • hydraulic
  • bus bars
  • contact surfaces
  • tail shafts
  • printing cylinders
  • turbines