LDC sales and consulting brushplating on site.  
  Brushplating onsite repairservice, silverplating on electrical contacts and conversionpress repairs        

Welcome to LDC Sales & Consulting
Brushplating or selective plating is a cold metalcoating process to put on metal on mismachined, scratched , worn, corroded or in other ways damaged surfaces.

Repair onsite of conversion presses, shafts, cylinders, pumphouses, gearboxes, engineblocks, hydraulic, busbars, contactsurfaces, tailshafts, printing-cylinders and turbines are just a few common plating examples.

LDC is today the oldest brushplating company in Sweden with an exclusive agency.
We represent Liquid Development Company, Cleveland Ohio, US, for all plating equipment.

Most asked for platings are repair of seatpockets and bearingjournals, measurement-adjustments, seal -areas, pressfits, corroded and worn-out surfaces on machine-components, local damages, nicks, dents and scratches on cylinders as well as plating on switch-gears and bus-bars for increased conductivity.

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Gold and silver platings for all kind of conductivity repair.
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